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τα προιόντα παραγωγής μας.

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about our AWARDED  olive oil


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 Aromatic, bitter, fruity, extremely low acidity level, very reach in antioxidants.

These are some of the very strong characteristics of our unique "Holy Mount" premium

extra virgin olive oil. It is pressed only mechanically and extracted only by green, healthy and early harvested olives. This is why this olive oil is so fruity in the nose and bitter in the mouth.

The acidity level of almost every harvest is lower than 0.2% and the very best of it achieves acidity lower than 0.08%. These quality factors give to our 

olive oil a place between the very best ones globally!

You can try and buy "Holy Mount" premium extra virgin olive oil at our own cellar inside "Ouranoupoli Camping & Bungalows".

why olive oil?

where can i find it?

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Fresh olives from our own olives trees are available also. The Olives are maintained in fresh salty water without preservatives. You can choose between natural bitter, piccante ones or flavored

with wild oregano and olive oil.

The mountains of the surounding area and especially from mount Athos provide us with wild

mountain herbs like oregano, rosemary or wild tea.


We carefully collect them and maintain these.

It is amazing how many different herbs provide

solutions to so many different

health problems. 

organic is the only way

   Organic farming guarantees that the final product contains all the natural characteristics like aroma, color and nutrients.  It is the only sustainable way of living because it is simply the only way that the "mother nature" works.


Our family is dealing with the farming and production of high-quality agriculture products from our own land for years now.

Products made with love and care, following the traditional way combined with the newest agriculture techniques and the highest quality standards.

All of these products you can taste them at our own visitable underground cellar inside the camping facilities. Premium extra virgin olive oil and flavored olives, natural bee honey and cosmetics, wild herbs, aromatic wine and our own "tsipouro" the origin of famous Ouzo.

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 The greatest nature's superfood is the naturally harvested bee honey. It is really important 

that the bees find their necessary juices freely in the 

surrounding flowers and herbs.

When this is happening the nutrients and the healthiness of the honey is geometrically higher.


This honey we offer you at our cellar, honey which 

is collected by multiple areas of Halkidiki and Mount Athos following the flowers and the herbs.

Also, the second magic product that we take from the 

honey creating procedure is the natural bee wax.

It contains a huge amount of anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and healing ingredients.

We combine these magic ingredients with

our finest extra virgin olive oil to create natural cosmetics and medicinal creams.

Spent some time to visit us and try them.

benefits of Honey





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